Birdie Nestling Tournament 2024
Conducted By:BIRDIE
Quick Points to note:
  • Venue details: V PLAY SPORTS, Sakra Hospital Road, Kariyammana Agrahara, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Tournament Start:Sun, April 7th by 07:30 am
  • Tournament End:Sun, April 7th by 05:30 pm
  • Registration End:Sat, April 6 by 11:00 pm

Game rules:
  • Shuttles Used:Feather
    Shuttle Company:V
  • Umpire decision will be Final
  • All the Players should report 30 minutes prior reporting time
Other details:


Dear Badminton Enthusiasts!

At Birdie we believe in focusing more on the process compared to the result, we believe in consistency and compounding. This idea of having 6 tournaments consistently throughout the year will motivate players to train harder and prepare for future tournaments ?

The Birdie tournament cycle grants ranking points to players who have participated in Birdie tournaments and these ranking points accumulate to the final grand event at the end of the year where a rolling trophy will be awarded to the finalist and the runners up ?

There are 6 tournaments which will be conducted throughout the year, each tournament being one level higher than the previous one in terms of the ranking points awarded. The tournament levels are as follows:

  • Birdie Hatchling Tournament [LEVEL 1]
  • Birdie Nestling Tournament [LEVEL 2]
  • Birdie Fledging Tournament [LEVEL 3]
  • Birdie Juvenile Tournament [LEVEL 4]
  • Birdie Flying Tournament [LEVEL 5]
  • Birdie Soaring Tournament [LEVEL 6]

More details will be shared after registration on the WhatsApp group ?


Why Birdie Tournament?

We at Birdie are striving to create a culture where players get to experience what a real badminton tournament feels like. Having a great organising team we want to give players the best tournament experience and feel where they enjoy the game and play their level best!

We have been conducting Birdie Tournaments from 2022 and have received great response about the quality of the event which has motivated us to make an "ALL YEAR ROUND BIRDIE TOURNAMENT CALENDAR" which involves ranking points and rolling trophy at the end of the year tournament.

A WhatsApp group shall be created where fixtures and draws will be sent one day before the tournament.

Please note the cut off age dates for the following events:


  • U-9 : Born on or after April 2015
  • U-11: Born on or after April 2013
  • U-13: Born on or after April 2011
  • U-15: Born on or after April 2009
  • U-17: Born on or after April 2007

Knockout Points Details
Match Type Point Type Set Type Points
Pre Quarter final Golden Point Best of 3 15
Quarter final Golden Point Best of 3 15
Semi final Golden Point Best of 3 15
Final Match Golden Point Best of 3 15
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